Reliable Artificial Turf For Sports Fields


Synthetic sports fields have been in use for decades in various types of stadiums, tracks and courses. There’s certainly a good reason artificial turf is now used so frequently for a wide range of sports. Put simply, artificial turf is made from synthetic fibers that are specially designed to look and feel like organic grass. These fibers are firmly attached to a flexible, semi- permeable material that is similar to a carpet. Although artificial turf can mostly be found on sports fields, it is also used for a variety of other applications such as for playground surface and even residential yards.


Which Popular Sports Use Artificial Turf


There are many types of sports which frequently use artificial turf for their fields, tracks and courses. This includes sports such as football, baseball, golf, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, track and many others. The following are how just some of the most popular sports utilize artificial turf for their playing surfaces.





Football is perhaps the intensive and physically demanding sport in the country. Players regularly take a beating and are often tackled hard into the ground. The field that they play on needs to hold up during this rigorous use, which is why synthetic turf is often used. It holds up better than organic grass and won’t get as torn up under cleats and running shoes. Artificial turf also can reduce the shock when players hit the ground, making it a safer alternative to natural grass.





As with any sport, it’s important that players have access to a field in order to train and practice all year around. Synthetic turf is often used for baseball fields for this exact purpose. Players don’t have to worry about the condition of the field, as artificial turf holds up all year against any weather conditions. This allows players easy access to the field in order to practice and play on. The special fibers in artificial turf hold up against baseball cleats and provide a softer impact when a player must dive to catch a baseball.



Running Tracks


Artificial turf isn’t just for providing an alternative to grass fields. Rather, there are a wide range of rubber track systems for runner to run on during track competitions. From Olympic style performance courses to high school tracks, there are artificial turf options for any scenario. These types of tracks provide a stable, durable surface for runners and will remain solid even after heavy use, which provides better safety and stability for athletes.



Benefits of Artificial Turf For Sports Fields


You’ll find that artificial turf for sports fields can have a wide range of benefits. It’s no wonder why more and more sports fields are installing high-quality synthetic turf solutions. You’ll find out why after reading some of the most common benefits of artificial turf systems below.



Can Be Used All Year Despite Weather Conditions


One of the primary benefits of artificial turf for sports fields is that it maintains its lush, green beauty no matter what time of year it is. Depending on the location, regular grass will start to whither during the winter. Also, traditional grass can develop brown patches in heavy sun and drought conditions, which means the grass will require constant watering. Anyone who manages a sports field or stadium won’t have to worry about these issues with artificial turf.


Lower Maintenance Costs


When it comes to maintaining a large area of natural grass, such as on a football field or golf course, the costs for maintaining it can really start to add up. Managers would have to pay for the entire field to be mowed, fertilized, watered and chemicals would have to be regularly applied to prevent weeds and pests from damaging the lawn. All of these activities and supplies can cost a considerable amount year after year.  As expected, synthetic turf allows sports fields to remain looking great without any of those tasks and materials that natural grass needs.


More Durable Than Natural Grass


Because artificial grass for sports fields is more durable than traditional grass it allows a great level of playability. This means athletes can play harder and for longer on fields with artificial turf without having it tear up or become displaced. During prolonged rains natural grass fields can become very wet and muddy, which means it there’s a greater chance of it getting damaged. Damaged fields can potentially delay games or even season schedules if the damage is severe enough.


Less Hazardous For Players


Because artificial turf is more durable it means it will hold up better after prolonged, heavy use. Natural grass can easily get torn up, especially when athletes are wearing specific shoes such as football cleats. When grass gets torn up it can create potholes which in turn present a hazard to players. They may trip on these potholes and injure themselves. For these reasons, artificial turf is often used to create a safer playing surface for athletes.


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