Affordable Artificial Grass Remnants For Crafts

Artificial grass comes in a wide range of styles and sizes for both personal and commercial uses. Typically, artificial grass is used in large quantities for jobs such as replacing an entire lawn, creating a sports field, putting up a playground or other recreational areas. Many of these projects will require a large quantity of artificial grass. However, there are always going to be leftover portions as larger quantities are cut to size to match a surface area. These leftover portions are known as artificial grass remnants.


What Are Artificial Grass Remnants?


Whenever artificial grass is applied to large areas such as an entire yard, sports field or golf course there will always be portions left over. This is because larger rolls of turf will have to be cut to the proper shapes and sizes for specific areas of a surface. As such, smaller portions of artificial turf will always be left over. These portions are commonly known as artificial grass remnants.

Typically coming in smaller shapes and sizes, these artificial grass remnants are a great way for customers to purchase artificial turf from Budget Grass at affordable rates. Remnants can be very cost-effective, and a great way to accomplish many different projects around a home.



Artificial Turf Remnants Uses


Plenty of Budget Grass customers have found many creative and fantastic uses for artificial grass remnants. This is because you can find artificial grass remnants in many shapes, sizes and styles which allow you to apply in a wide range of situations. These remnants are smaller and more affordable than other artificial turf options out there, and as such homeowners have found many do-it-yourself projects for them. There following are just a few ideas of what you can accomplish with artificial grass remnants.


Door, Stair and Car Mats


You’ll find that artificial grass remnants can be used in a wide range of common areas all around your home and vehicle. This is because artificial turf can feel just like carpet, expect it looks like natural organic grass. Some customers replace their traditional exterior door mats with a section of artificial grass.

If you have outdoor stairs leading to a deck or doorway, you can also attach artificial grass remnants to the stairs to create a unique look. These grass remnants can hold up in any type of weather, which means they are far better than traditional carpet mats for outdoor applications. Some car owners even replace their car mats with artificial grass remnants to bring a more natural look to their vehicle interior.


Pet Pads


If you’re looking to create a small area where your pet can do their business and that’s easy to clean, then artificial grass remnants may be the perfect solution. This is especially true if you don’t have a natural yard or a very small yard space. Applying some artificial grass remnants will give you a natural look and they are also easy to clean. Simply take a hose and spray them off after your pet uses them.


Creative Art & Craft Projects


There are wide range of applications for artificial grass remnants that can really create some unique pieces of art and crafts. For example, you could use remnants to create a seating and backing surface on outdoor chairs. These chairs will be both comfortable and unique. You can also cut artificial grass remnants into specific shapes and styles. For example, you could cut them into large numbers and use them as your house number typically displayed on your home’s exterior. You could put down some artificial grass remnants as a carpet in your bathroom along with carpeting your toilet seat and rear cover with.


Home Decor Improvements


If you have either an indoor or outdoor patio then artificial grass remnants can be applying in a number of creative ways. Consider using them as a carpet surface for your patio tables and chairs. Or, you could use them to cover the entire surface of your patio, making it look just like real grass that will hold up in any weather and all year around. Artificial grass remnants can also be used to cover up concrete surface to create a nicer looking play area for your children. In fact, artificial grass will also be safer for your children to play on than hard surfaces like asphalt or concrete.



Save Big On Your Next Project With Budget Grass


Whether you’re looking to improve portions of your yard with artificial grass or utilize artificial grass remnants in creative ways around your home to improve its beauty, you’ll find affordable rates at Budget Grass. If you’ve always wanted to apply artificial grass around your home or business on a budget, then artificial grass remnants are available at clearance rates for a wide range of uses.

Even when working on a budget, we can still supply you with high-quality artificial turf products for your needs. They come in a wide range of size options, so from the smallest home improvement project to entire yards, there is an affordable solution available to you. Contact Budget Grass today for low rates and high-quality artificial grass remnants.

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