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Having a beautiful lawn can really do wonders for your lifestyle. It will not only give you a sense of pride every time you look at it, but it also helps to increase your property value and general appearance. Many homeowners invest heavily in the lawn, both in time and money, to ensure it looks good all year around. However, there may be an easier, more affordable and less time consuming way to get that perfect look for your yard that you’ve always wanted.


What Is Synthetic Turf?


You’ve likely seen synthetic turf plenty of times when you watch a football game or golfers play golf. However, it’s not just used for commercial purposes as many people think. Instead, synthetic turf has become a very affordable and attractive option for homeowners.

Synthetic turf is simply composed of man-made materials and fibers that mimic the appearance of organic grass. The individual blades of grass can come in various lengths and styles depending on its purpose. For example, golf courses may use a different type of synthetic turf for a putting green than they would the rest of the course. Synthetic turf has a solid foundation that is flexible so it can be rolled up, much like a carpet. The blades of grass are stitched to this base and they stay firm in place.

Synthetic turf is often used for sports fields and golf courses. This is because artificial grass is easier to maintain, stays green all year throughout any weather conditions and stays more consistent in length than organic grass.



5 Amazing Benefits Of Artificial Turf


Artificial turf is widely used in commercial and sports settings like in football stadiums and on golf courses. It’s also becoming more and more frequently used by homeowners because of the wide range of benefits it offers. Traditional lawns can require a lot of time, effort and money to maintain. Even if you do take care of your organic lawn, there is always the risk of nature taking its course after heavy rains or a long-term drought that may significantly damage your lawn.


Stays Green And Fresh All Year


Your synthetic turf will remain as green and fresh looking as the day it was installed, even throughout rough weather and strong sun exposure. When there are extended droughts an organic lawn can really suffer and require constant watering. That daily use of water can really impact your utility bill as well. Synthetic turf doesn’t require any water to look green and beautiful all year, regardless of weather conditions.


Synthetic Turf Saves You Money Over Time


Think about all of the time, effort and money that is spent all to ensure organic grass looks healthy. You have to mow it constantly, which means you are spending money on gas. When bare patches or brown grass appears due to weather or environmentally issues, you’ll have to purchase new seed and spend time planting and maintaining it. You may also have to purchase and apply weed killers and pesticides to protect your lawn. In addition, fertilizer is typically required to keep a lawn looking green and fresh. With synthetic turf you’ll never need to do any of these things. At most, you can spray off any areas of your synthetic turf that get dirty from debris or perhaps pet waste.


No Maintenance Required


Short of any natural disasters or extreme weather your synthetic turf will not require regular maintenance. Organic laws can be very time consuming and costly to maintain. You’ll have to constantly mow the lawn, spend money on watering and apply fertilizers to keep a traditional lawn looking nice. With synthetic turf none of those activities are required and it will stay looking brand new and green all year. Think about all the time and effort you’d save by having synthetic turf installed.


Good For The Environment


Because synthetic turf doesn’t require any mowing this means you won’t be using gasoline, which in turn means less fossil fuels being used. Even if you typically use an electric mower, that mower still needs to be powered by the electric grid. Also, synthetic turf doesn’t require any harsh chemicals like pesticides or weed killers, which can get into rain water runoff and contaminate it, which has a negative impact on the water supply for local wildlife. In fact, synthetic turf is often recycled and reused, which in turn keeps it out of landfills.



Affordable Synthetic Turf From Budget Grass


Synthetic turf is a fantastic investment that can actually save you substantial amounts of money over the years. No more having to fuel up or charge your lawnmower. You won’t have to see your water bill go up due to constant watering. Also, you won’t have to worry about purchasing fertilizers or chemicals to maintain your grass. Plus, synthetic turf is a one-time investment that pays off big in the long run. Contact Budget Grass today for a free quote and budget-friendly rates.

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