Safe & Affordable Artificial Turf For Playgrounds



Whether you’re in charge of building and maintaining a public playground, or you’d simply like to put in a play area in your backyard, the type of surface you build it on can make a big difference. Playgrounds are a common family-friendly and fun amenity that everyone can enjoy. However, even if you’re just installing a small play set with a few swings and jungle gym you’ll want to make it as safe as possible for your children.


Choosing A Safe Option For Your Playground Surface


When installing a playground you’ll definitely want the surface it’s being built on to be safe, attractive, easy to maintain and of course budget friendly. These are the main factors you’ll want to consider for your playground and you’ll find that artificial playground turf is one of the most successful options you can choose.

Artificial playground turf will deliver a level playing area that looks just like organic grass, but without the need for harsh chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides that could come in contact with children. Also, artificial turf won’t track into your home on your children’s shoes when it’s wet outside like regular grass or wood chips can, potentially creating a slippery surface.

Also, artificial playground turf is easy to roll strollers or wheelchairs on, and even when it is wet it won’t be as slippery as regular grass. Since artificial grass doesn’t need to be watered, you won’t have to worry about it being wet as often as other surfaces as well.

When it comes to safety, you’ll find that artificial grass is an ideal option when compared to other alternatives. It is softer and as such will be safer if children end up falling on it, which means less severe injuries. If the time comes when your children have outgrown the play area in your backyard, artificial playground turf can be easily removed and grass seeds planted.



The Amazing Benefits Of Playground Turf


Some of your most cherished childhood memories may include the time you’ve spent on playgrounds. The slides, swings and jungle gyms are all key elements of a good playground. However, and equally important component for any playground is the surface that all of these fun rides are placed on. These surface must not only look appealing, but more importantly they must be safe for the children playing on them.


Here are some of the benefits of using artificial playground turf over alternative options:


  • Stays in one place: Other types of surface materials such as sand, wood chips or gravel often get displaced during constant use over time. This means it these materials can get all over the place, even outside the playground area itself. Artificial turf stays put even after heavy use and also retains its natural, lush appearance.
  • Safe and comfortable: Playgrounds built on other types of surfaces, such as gravel or especially concrete, can lead to more injuries and accidents. Children sometimes fall down when they are running or can fall off one of the playground items. Landing on hard surfaces only increases the risk of serious injury. Artificial playground turf is not only softer, but also more comfortable for children to play and sit on as well.
  • Less maintenance: Artificial playground turf will never have to mowed, watered, fertilized or raked into place like many alternative playground surfaces. The most maintenance that will ever have to be done on artificial playground turf is occasionally rinsing it off with a hose to keep it looking fresh and green.
  • Looks great all year in any weather: If a playground is built on natural grass it can lead to issues depending on the weather. Prolonged droughts may cause the grass to turn brown and patchy unless it’s constantly watered. In heavy rains, portions of the grass may turn into mud. This is especially true when the playground is built on sand. With artificial playground turf you won’t have to worry about these issues no matter what the weather is doing.



Enjoy A Safe And Affordable Playground Surface


Budget Grass can provide you with a wide range of artificial grass options that serve very well as a playground surface. You can enjoy a low-maintenance solution that won’t require watering, fertilizing or any other harsh chemicals over the years. It will always look great and at most may need an occasional washing which can be as easy as spraying the area down with a hose.

An artificial playground turf can save you considerable money over time as well. You won’t have to use the lawn mower on it, which saves you on fuel. You won’t have to constantly water it, which save you on your utility bills. Also, you won’t have to purchase fertilizers or pesticides in order to maintain it.

Are you ready to install artificial grass for your playground? Contact Budget Grass today for the best rates and highest quality artificial playground turf options today.

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