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Whether you’re a contractor or business looking for high-quality artificial grass you’re going to want to get the best possible prices. That is why Budget Grass has many options to provide artificial turf at wholesale prices. Save both money and time by applying artificial grass on your next landscaping job.

Are you looking for a turf solution that doesn’t require mowing, fertilizing, watering or high-maintenance during adverse weather? Then consider wholesale artificial turf options from Budget Grass and we’ll ensure you receive the best possible prices for your business.


Wholesale Artificial Grass Products For A Wide Range Of Uses


You’ll find that there are a wide range of artificial grass solutions that are used daily for many business and residential jobs. We have wholesale artificial grass products for any location or use. The following are some of the most common jobs that our wholesale customers use our artificial grass for.



General Landscaping


Whether you’re working with residential or commercial customers their landscape will determine the level of curb appeal and beauty of their property. Artificial grass provides a fantastic opportunity for your customers to enjoy an easy way to create beautiful landscapes without having to worry about constant maintenance costs and time. Various styles of wholesale artificial grass can be used to provide a luxurious appeal for high-end businesses and residential properties as well.

There are many incredible benefits for business owners that they can enjoy when utilizing artificial grass. Businesses will never have to water the artificial grass, which means no need to install pricey sprinkler systems. Artificial turf looks great all year around, regardless of weather situations like heavy rains or droughts. Plus, there’s no need to apply fertilizers or pesticides, as synthetic grass will consistently maintain its beautiful appearance.



Sports Fields


There are many national sports stadiums that utilize artificial turf for their athletes. Football, soccer and baseball fields are consistently switching to artificial grass in order to enjoy its many benefits. Sports fields typically endure heavy use, and as such must be able to remain intact for athletes to play on them. This is particularly true in sports where the athletes wear cleated footwear. Cleats can really tear up an organic grass quickly. This means more uneven areas and even potholes throughout the field. This may result in athletes getting tripped up and even injured. Artificial grass is more durable, meaning less chance of significant damage throughout the duration of a game. In addition, synthetic grass requires much less maintenance and can be practiced on all year around.



Pet Systems


Many homeowners have pets and want to protect their yard from the pet’s waste. Wholesale artificial grass can be a great solution to provide a durable location for pets to run, play and do their business on. This is because artificial grass can easily be cleaned by being sprayed off with a hose, and solid waste can easily be removed and disposed of.

Constant pet use of organic grass can cause bare patches and yellowing areas to appear. Also, let’s not forget that dogs love to dig up lawns causing dirt and holes to tarnish the lawn’s appearance. Homeowners won’t have this issue when they install artificial grass and dog’s won’t be able to dig it up so easily.



Putting Greens,  Miniature Golf Courses And Playgrounds


Putting greens are great for golfers to practice their game without having to travel to a large golf course. Synthetic grass is excellent for providing year round putting greens that require little to no maintenance and is available at wholesale prices. Miniature golf courses are consistently in need of artificial grass to build creative courses for their customers. These courses are sometimes in need of expansion as the business owners add new facilities.

Many older playgrounds would utilize gravel or wood chips for their surfaces. However, these days more and more playgrounds are switching to artificial grass. This is because artificial grass provides a softer, and thus safer, surface for children to play on resulting in less severe injuries if they fall off of playground equipment. In addition, artificial grass looks much better for a playground surface than concrete or gravel.



High-Quality Wholesale Artificial Turf From Budget Grass


Are you looking for affordable rates on high-quality turf? Then Budget Grass has a wide range of options available to contractors. In addition, we carry recycled turf for large applications that you can purchase at high quantities to keep costs as low as possible. All of our wholesale turf is inspected thoroughly to ensure the highest quality for your needs.

We can also supply used artificial grass at affordable rates that you can use for many commercial and municipal sites such as schools, office centers, apartment buildings, storefronts, sports fields, playgrounds and many more locations. Choose Budget Grass as your artificial grass supplier today and find out just how affordable wholesale artificial turf can be.

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