Reduce Overhead Costs & Maintenance Time

Besides personal and homeowner use, commercial services widely apply artificial grass for a variety of uses and advantages. Many business owners prefer artificial grass because it requires substantially less time, effort and money to maintain. Also, organic grass can often be damaged or ruined depending on the weather and time of year. For example, droughts that occur can cause grass to turn brown if now constantly watered. Even if it is watered that means you could be spending more on your utility bill than you would with artificial grass.

Artificial grass is used for a vast array of commercial applications. In fact, you’ve probably encountered artificial grass many times at various businesses without ever even noticing it. The following are just a few of the most common commercial services that utilize artificial grass in very productive ways.



Sports Fields


You’ll find that football stadiums very frequently use artificial grass for a variety of reasons. First, artificial grass will of a consistent length and style, which means a more consistent surface for athletes to run on. Also, it won’t require as much maintenance and regular grass such as mowing and fertilizing. Next, it’s often a safer option than organic grass because it won’t get torn up as easily by the player’s sports cleats. This means less uneven patches or potholes to worry about. Artificial grass is a great option for baseball fields too because it allows them to practice all year around without worrying about the weather effecting the turf.



Golf Courses


Artificial grass is quite often used for golf courses around the world. This is because golf courses have various lengths and styles of grass that are needed to create a proper course. For example, a different style of grass is needed for putting greens than areas outside of the course where a golfer wants to stay away from. Artificial grass is specially produced for these exact purposes in golf courses, meaning it remains consistent and requires a lot less maintenance.



Track & Field


Besides using artificial grass in the center of a racing track for runners, there are many artificial turf options often used for the track that athletes run on. Quantities of a rubber-like material are used to create a stable and sturdy track for anyone running on the course for races such as hurdles and cross country. These artificial turf surfaces are easier to run on, more comfortable for the runners and are also safer than organic options.



Shopping Centers & Storefronts


You have likely encountered artificial grass at many of the shopping centers and stores that you’ve visited without even realizing the lawn isn’t actual grass. That’s how realistic artificial turf can look and feel. Storefronts may use artificial grass outside their entryways to improve appearances. In fact, many car dealerships will use artificial grass to display their new vehicles on outdoors. Shopping centers and malls may use artificial grass in their outdoor picnic and dining areas. In addition, areas designated for pets to do their business are often lined with artificial grass because it’s easy to clean.



Municipal Uses


Artificial grass is widely used for various purposes by both small towns and cities alike. For example, many government buildings in bigger cities will use artificial turf to cover up portions of otherwise plain concrete. This adds a touch of nature to the appearance of the buildings while keeping down the cost that would be associated with maintaining organic grass. In addition, large apartment buildings are more frequently including artificial grass on balconies and rooftops. This gives tenants a location to enjoy the look and feel of grass without having to travel.


Why Is Artificial Grass Used So Often For Commercial Services?


Many of the reasons that homeowners choose artificial grass are the same reasons that commercial services employ synthetic turf. Both homeowners and commercial businesses are looking to save money and reduce the amount of time it takes to maintain their property’s appearance. These concerns are especially important for commercial services, however, as they need to maintain profits in order to stay in business.

Here are some of the main reasons that commercial services choose artificial grass over natural turf:

  • Will never require mowing, fertilize or pesticides.
  • Great for high traffic areas where organic grass would start to wear down and disappear.
  • Never any need to water artificial grass.
  • Can be used in areas that receive low sunlight.
  • Artificial grass will always look green and natural regardless of the weather.
  • Use to provide reliable areas for pets.
  • Creates a safe walkway that will be even to walk on and there won’t be puddles during heavy rains.

These are just a small sampling of the benefits that your business can enjoy when you apply artificial turf from Budget Grass. We know that your business is important and as a manager you’re always looking to cut down costs and maintenance time. There’s no better way to provide long-lasting and a virtually maintenance free surface, which also looks beautiful as well as natural, than to invest in artificial grass.

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